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Zero Friction Gallon

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Part Number:ZF-GAL
Zero Friction 1 Gallon Container   

Designed, Engineered & Made in USA 

Zero Friction one gallon jug is excellent for Gunsmiths, Armorers, Law Enforcement teams, and any shooter who cleans lots of firearms. Use to refill our 1 oz. Zero Friction Needle Oiler bottles.  

Zero Friction is an Ultra High Tech Advanced Synthetic Lubricant. It is a non-gumming metal treatment and protectant that clings to metal parts and provides superior lubrication for smooth and flawless operation of all moving parts.

Extreme Weather/Temperature Multi-Functional Lube:  Works From: -75 degrees F to over 450 F.  In Extreme Cold or Heat, Zero Friction keeps your firearm operating at peak performance. 

The combination of a premium synthetic base and superior additives make Zero Friction the best metal to metal and corrosion protection available!

First we use, Extreme Pressure additives for the change in temperature and pressures when shooting. Then, we combine the Anti-Wear additive, which ensures all metal to metal parts function smoothly. To Finish the combination, there is a unique blend of Anti-Oxidants and Rust Prevention additives to provide Rust Inhibitor and Corrosion Protection.

Zero Friction Features & Benefits:

·         Premium Synthetic base specially designed for firearms       
·         Extreme Pressure Additive
·         Anti-Wear Additive
·         Anti-Oxidant Additive
·        Rust & Corrosion Prevention Additives
·        Provides Superior smooth performance and protection on all moving metal parts. 
·        Made in USA 

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