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Introducing the Pro-Shot Universal Pistol Barrel Cleaning Block – Your Ultimate Solution for Pistol Barrel Maintenance!

Are you tired of the mess and hassle that comes with cleaning your pistol barrel? Look no further! The Pro-Shot Universal Pistol Barrel Cleaning Block is here to revolutionize your cleaning routine and make it faster, easier, and cleaner than ever before. Upgrade Your Pistol Barrel Cleaning Routine Today!

Make the Pro-Shot Universal Pistol Barrel Cleaning Block an essential part of your firearm maintenance kit. Say goodbye to the mess, frustration, and inefficiency of traditional cleaning methods. With this innovative tool, you'll experience a cleaner, smoother, and more enjoyable cleaning process.

Invest in the Pro-Shot Universal Pistol Barrel Cleaning Block and discover why it's one of the handiest tools you'll ever use for maintaining your pistol barrel. Order yours today and experience a new level of convenience in firearm maintenance. Your barrel will thank you for it!

Why Choose the Pro-Shot Universal Pistol Barrel Cleaning Block?

*Mess-Free Cleaning: Say goodbye to messy cleaning sessions. With our Universal Pistol Barrel Cleaning Block, you can effortlessly place your barrel on the block, push down, and start cleaning with your favorite Pro-Shot cleaning rod. It's designed to keep everything contained, ensuring that dirty cleaning patches and excess CLP or cleaner are captured and controlled.

*Efficiency at Its Best: This cleaning block acts as a "third hand" for you, holding your pistol barrel in the perfect position for thorough cleaning. No more struggling to balance your barrel while trying to clean it effectively. The Pro-Shot Universal Pistol Barrel Cleaning Block streamlines the process, saving you time and effort.

*Versatile and Portable: Whether you're at the range or working at your bench, this tool is incredibly versatile. It fits right into your range bag, allowing you to maintain your pistol barrel's cleanliness wherever you go. Its compact size ensures that it won't take up valuable space.  Barrel Block and/or small sentinel plate can also be placed in vise. 

*Durable Construction: Crafted from tough polymer, the Pro-Shot Sentinel Base Plate™ is built to last. Rest assured, it won't scratch or harm your precious barrel, ensuring its longevity and functionality for countless cleaning sessions.

*Proudly American Made, Veteran Designed, Exclusive Patented Design, and Armorer Approved

*Master Proven, Field Tested & Approved


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