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Team Pro-Shot


Welcome to Team Pro-Shot, where precision meets passion! Our team is a dynamic group of top shooters, each specializing in different shooting genres. We share a collective passion for the shooting sports and are committed to excellence in every aspect of our craft!

For Opportunities to join our team, please contact us at email: [email protected] 

Maximus White 

(Grand Master Champion & Team Pro-Shot Captain) 

Meet Maximus White. He is 16 years old and happily home schooled. He spends the majority of his time in the great outdoors. I guess you could say that he was born with a gun in his hands! From the moment he was able to hold a real gun he was hooked and hasn't slowed down since. By the age of 4 he was shooting a 22 rifle. At age 5, he was shooting 22 pistols and a 410 shotgun. On his 7th birthday he received his very first AR-15 rifle and he said that it was the best birthday present ever! Since then, he has continued to add new pistols, rifles, and shotguns to his shooting lineup.  

As of March 2018, he began competing in IDPA, USPSA, and Steel Challenge (SCSA). Maximus shot his very first 2 gun match at Low Country IDPA in Georgia in March of 2018 and immediately knew that this is what he wanted to do! He has shot multiple local, state, national, and world matches since then, and  holds multiple state, national, and world titles. He also became the youngest SCSA Grand Master and 4x SCSA Grand Master at the age of 11. He  looks forward to a career in the shooting sports and works every day towards that goal! Maximus is beyond grateful to be a part of Team Pro-Shot Products. He says that he will always do his best to represent the company and the team, and hopes to inspire the next generation of shooters!

Cherie Blake & Mark Blake



Cherie is a retired Australian Army officer and still works within the Australian Defense Organization. Cherie was the first female to make the Australian Defense Force Combat Shooting team, representing Australia multiple times at International Military competitions.  In 2022 Cherie had an excellent shooting season competing in international and national matches. Cheri was also recently been listed in the Shooting Sports USA list of Top 50 Women in Competitive shooting.

Mark and Cherie both compete at the highest of levels in Action Pistol and Steel Challenge, in that time they have represented Australia multiple times and together have won international titles, a dozen national championships, and a multitude of regional and state championships.  Mark is a retired Australian Army sniper, along with his operational experience in Africa and Asia, he had a distinguished rifle career, winning Champion Shot of the Army and International Service rifle championship. He represented the Australian Defense Force on numerous occasions at International Military competitions.

Cherie Blake Recent Achievements: 2023 Flagler Cup Ladies Champion 

  • 2022 - Australian Runner Up National Championship
  • 2022-  Pistol Australia - Ladies’ National Champion
  • 2022 - Victorian Ladies State Champion
  • 2022 - ACT Ladies Champion
  • 2022 - Bianchi Cup - 3rd Lady, 2nd International Team
  • 2022 - Flagler Cup - High Lady
  • 2020 - Awarded the Pistol Australia 2019 Female Athlete of the Year
  • 2019 - Bianchi Cup (US National)
  • 2018 - World Action Pistol Ladies World Champion 
  • 2017 - Bianchi Cup (US National) 2017 Ladies Bianchi Cup 
  • 2017 listed in the Top 50  Women in Competitive Shooting by Shooting Sports USA
  • 2013 - 2019 - Australian Team for 3 World Championships and 7 Bianchi Cups (Runner Up Worlds 2016, Runner up at Bianchi 2018 and 2016).
  • 2012 - 2019 - 12 Australian National Championships (Action and Steel Challenge)
  • 1998-1999 - First female to be selected for the ADF (Army) Combat Shooting Team and represented the ADF 4 times at International Military Competitions.

Mark Blake Recent Achievements: 2023 Bianchi Cup Runner Up, USA Action Match Open National Champion

  • Bianchi Cup - 1st International, 1st Military Veteran, 6th Overall, 1st International Team 
  • 2022- Victorian State Champion
  • 2022- Queensland State Champion
  • 2022- Pistol Australia - Third Metallic National Championship
  • 2022 - Pistol Australia - Runner Up Iron Man National Championship (Open & Metallic Combined)
  • 2022 - Australian National Champion
  • 2019 - Clean Sweep at Pistol Australia National Championships - winning all three outright titles
  • 2019 - Winning 3 of 4 outright SSAA National Championships
  • 2018 - Bianchi Cup Runner Up 2018 Runner up
  • 2013 - 2019 - Australian Team for 3 World Championships and 7 Bianchi Cups 
  • 2012 - 2019 - 20 Australian National Championships (Action and Steel Challenge)
  • 2002 - Retired from Australian Army as Sniper Sergeant 2RAR and with operational deployments 
  • 2001 - Champion Shot of Australian Army
  • 1999 - International Rifle Champion Australian Army International Competition

Chris Simmons 
23 IPRF World Champion, 21&22 NRL22 National Champion, 22 PRS22 Series Champion

Chris was born and raised in Western North Carolina. I started shooting in 2004 in Smallbore Silhouette and 3 Position Smallbore and Air Rifle. During that time I won 4 National Championships and a Junior Olympic Gold Medal. I slowly transitioned into the PRS style of shooting in 2020 in which since then I've won 2 NRL22X National Championships and a PRS22 National Championship. Most recently winning the IPRF World Rimfire Championship in Italy. I'm very passionate about shooting sports and have been blessed beyond measure in the sport. 

Ben Blevins 

Ben was born and raised in south central Kentucky. Like many young kids in Kentucky I grew up hunting whitetail deer and turkey. I began competitive shooting at the age of 7 competing in local and state 4-h competitions (rifle and archery) where I won numerous state championships. I compete in numerous NCAA style matches shooting standing air rifle and 3 position smallbore matches throughout high school. While competing in rifle matches I was also very active in the archery community winning several state and national titles along with a world championship. Fast forward to 2019 and I competed in my first local NRL22 match and I was hooked. Since 2019 I have competed in numerous regional matches and several nationals championships shooting both Rimfire and centerfire. 2024 I was fortunate enough to win the NRL22 national points championship and was able to podium both NRL22 and PRS Rimfire national championships. I love being part of the precision rifle community and love being able to introduce the sport to new competitors.

Jim Cox  

Jim Cox (Jimmy Ray), began his shooting while in the US Army in 1978. While stationed at Ft Bliss, TX, Jim was approached by the Post Rifle team commander and was invited... Read More

Daniel Wolf  

My name is Daniel, but most call me by my last name WOLF.  I have been shooting since I was 12 years old... Read More