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Ruck Multi-Cam Rod Cleaning System for 5.56mm / .223 Cal. & 9mm

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Part Number:RUCK-MC-5.56/9MM
Pro-Shot Defense M/LE Kit    (AR-15/M4/M16   5.56mm/ .223 Cal.)  & (M17, M18, M9, & other 9mm Pistol Variants) 

Made in the USA/ Berry Compliant    *Master Proven in Extreme Battle & Field Conditions 

The Ruck Series was designed after we traveled to many military bases and spoke with hundreds of soldiers.  They wanted the most Compact/Lightweight cleaning
rod kit to carry with them in the field and to the range.  The Ruck Series delivers on everything needed to clean your AR rifle and also fits in the pocket of your
favorite tactical pants or the same space as your 30 round 5.56mm magazine. 

• Ruck Series Compact/Lightweight 1 Zipper Pouch
• 32.5” Working Length Pro-Tuff Coated (PTC) Rod (5 Qty. 6.5” Length Rods)
• MPH – Black Out Multi-Purpose Locking Swivel T Handle
• Brass Core/ Bronze Bristle for 5.56mm/.223 Cal. & 9mm
• 5.56mm/.223 Cal. Chamber Brush
• 0.5 fl. oz. 1 Step CLP Mil-Spec CLP
• Brass Spear Tip Jag
• Brass Patch Holder
• Double Ended Nylon AP Brush
• 1” Round Cleaning Patches
• 2 1/4” Square Cleaning Patches
• Original J Chamber Flag Bore Light
• Bore Obstruction Remover
• Tactical M/LE Rod Cleaning Instructions Guide

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