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Since 1977, KleenBore has been known worldwide for Quality firearms cleaning accessories. KleenBore has a rich history of providing a comprehensive line of quality gun care tools for Law Enforcement, Military, and Sports Shooters. 

Pro-Shot Defense 

Pro-Shot Defense provides superior weapon cleaning systems for Military and Law Enforcement. All of our kits are MASTER PROVEN, providing custom field evaluations in extreme environments by former military and law enforcement professionals. 

SplatterShot® targets are Designed and Printed in the USA! Patented Unique Printing Technology makes hits downrange easy to see fast, NO other target matches a SplatterShot® reactive target. Best Splatter for hits period!! Superior All-Weather Adhesive Peel-n-Stick Targets are great even in morning dew, dust, wind, and sand environments. Exclusively Packaged in a zipper top reusable bag. Our Range of targets includes everything from bullseye targets, silhouettes, and sight-in targets. We are positive you can find something to fit your shooting needs. Available in SplatterShot® All-Weather Peel-n-Stick, Heavy Tag Paper SplatterShot® targets.  We also have a full line of heavy paper targets to be able to match every shooter's needs.  ?

Best Gun Cleaning Patches 

To Learn more about why Pro-Shot Superior Gun Cleaning Patches have become one of the most sought-after products by the world’s most accurate minded shooters. From Custom Barrel makers to World Record Shooters, Pro-Shot is world known for having the absolute Best Gun Cleaning Patches. To View all Sizes, you can visit 

Gun Bore Light

Global Force Tactical

Global Force Tactical was been created from across a broad spectrum of military, law enforcement and other tactical professionals. We choose specific gear and equipment that we would use and recommend. End users can have confidence that the products we choose to offer have undergone a rigorous and thorough testing in every environment. Featuring: Pistol Gun Care, Rifle Gun Care, and Shotgun Cleaning, and Tactical Knives