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Pro-Shot Cleaning Guides

Always check to make sure your gun is unloaded before cleaning.
• Inspect your gun as you clean. Check your firearms for wear and cracks when you clean. Consult a qualified gunsmith for any necessary repairs.
• Don't disassemble your gun more than necessary. Refer to owners manuals for instructions. Only disassemble gun to the point needed to reach areas
where powder residue and fouling accumulate (bore, chamber, bolt, etc.).


Use a vise or cleaning mat during the cleaning process. 
• When using Pro-Shot 1-Step Gun CLP/ Pro-Shot 1 Step Bio Mil-Spec CLP, let the CLP set for 15 minutes so the penetrating agents and additives can break down and lift up fouling.
• The jag is the most superior way to remove fouling from the bore because it gives the patch constant pressure against the bore when cleaning versus dragging a patch through the bore with a patch holder.
• Use the appropriate size brush or jag. Pro-Shot brushes and jags are caliber specific.
• We recommend the use of a muzzle guard and bore guide to center rods and to reduce fouling from entering the action.

Pro-Shot Guidelines below for your reference,