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LockOn® Line Drive Tactical 24" x 24" 8 Pack Targets

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Part Number:LDT-8

Why LockOn® Line Drive Tactical Targets? WHEN CLOSE ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH®

*Designed & Excellent for Aperture / Red Dot/ Ghost Ring / & Long Range Mil-Dot Optics 
*Single Point of Aim 

*Excellent for Self-Defense & Conceal Carry Training
*Excellent for Double Taps &  Practicing Trigger Reset
*Innovative Cutting-Edge Design helps Increase Accuracy

*Any Sight / Any Distance

*Designed by LockOn® Legendary Founder Tom Ervin. Designed & Printed in USA

The LockOn® Line Drive Tactical target from our Home Run Series™ patent pending design, is a multi-use target with a highly visible silhouette for self-defense and concealed carry training for when bullet placement is a necessity. The Line Drive Tactical target is effective when used with pistol and rifle aperture sights, ghost ring, red dot optics, as well as long-range mil dot optics (and similar systems).

The Line Drive Tactical target is 24” by 24”, features  1” x 1” heavy grid.  8 Pack    The LDT target incorporates a unique circular design incorporated with a large black V design with a white home plate.

*Pistol ghost ring, 3 to 30 yards.
*Red dot pistol optics, out to 25 yards plus
*Rifle aperture and ghost ring, 25 to 100 yards.
*Red dot rifle optics, 25 to 100 yards.
*Long-range mil dot optics and similar systems, 10x to 20x, 100 to 700 yards plus, higher power extends set up range.

How-To Use: 
*Aperture and ghost ring alignment, center top of front sight to bottom of large black V design, center rear sight on outside of circular design or outside corners of target, depending on set up distance and aperture size.
*Red dot alignment, 1 moa to 10 moa, center red dot in circular design.
*Mil-dot alignment (and similar systems), center mil dot on circular design.

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