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LockOn® Line Drive 24" x 24" 8 Pack Targets

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Part Number:LD-8

Why LockOn® Line Drive Targets? WHEN CLOSE ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH®

*Designed & Excellent for Aperture / Red Dot/ Ghost Ring / & Long Range Mil-Dot Optics 
*Single Point of Aim 

*Innovative Cutting-Edge Design helps Increase Accuracy

*Any Sight / Any Distance

*Designed by LockOn® Legendary Founder Tom Ervin. Designed & Printed in USA

The LockOn® Line Drive target from our Home Run Series™ patent pending design, is a multi-use target that is effective when used with pistol and rifle aperture sights, ghost ring, red dot optics, as well as long range mil dot optics (and similar systems).

The Line Drive target is 24”by 24”, features 1”by 1” heavy grid and incorporates a unique circular design incorporated with large black V design with a white home plate.

Excellent for: 
*Pistol ghost ring, 3 to 30 yards.
*Red dot pistol optics, out to 25 yards plus
*Rifle aperture and ghost ring, 25 to 100 yards
*Red dot rifle optics, 25 to 100 yards
*Long range mill dot optics and similar systems, 10x to 20x, 100 to 700 yards plus, higher power extends set up range.

How-To Use: 

*Aperture and ghost ring alignment, center top of front sight to bottom of large black V design, center rear sight on outside of circular design or outside corners of target, depending on set up distance and aperture size.

*Red dot alignment, 1 moa to 10 moa, center red dot in circular design.

*Mill dot alignment (and similar systems), center mill dot on circular design.

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