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Kincaid Ross

My name is Kincaid Ross I am 15 years old and I live in Sparks, NV. I attend Spanish Springs High School; I am a consistent A and B student. I have tried lots of sports, including baseball, football and swimming. But the one that I love the most is shooting. Shooting is the only sport that I have really enjoyed. I’ve been shooting competitively for almost two years now. I started shooting for fun when I was about 3, with a Red Rider BB gun. Then I moved up from there. I never really shot pistols until I was about 7, and even then I was mainly a rifle shooter, doing a lot of hunting. My grandpa started to introduce me to competitive shooting when I was about 9 years old. I shot a good old Colt 1911 45. ACP. I shot at bowling pin matches and a little bit of steel matches. But I was not really into it. When I was 12, I talked my step dad, Glenn into coming to a USPSA match with me. Then that’s when everything fell into place. He started to take me everywhere to shoot. He got me my supplies and he is the main reason why I am here today. When we started we shot in the Production division in USPSA. We went from Sigs, to Glocks, to Springfield XDMs to CZ-75s. Then one day in June of 2013 at a match in Richmond, Ca. Johnny Lim of Limcat Custom saw me shoot. He asked if we could come and see him the next day at his shop as he was very interested in sponsoring me. We went to see him and he asked me if I would be interested in shooting an Open class gun for him. We were headed to the Area 1 USPSA Championships the next weekend and Johnny and one of his sponsored shooters James Ong, provided a gun for me to use there. I had planned to shoot in the Production division but decided I couldn’t wait to shoot Open and shot in the Open division. I finished decently overall in the match and received 1st place in the Unclassified division. For the last two years I have mostly been competing in the Open Division.

Here is a list of my accomplishments in 2013 and 2014:

  • 2013 Golden Bullet Championships– 5th  place Production division, 2nd  place B class

  • 2013 USPSA Area 1 Championships – 49th overall out of 446 shooters, 1st place unrated division

  • Classified B Open - 6/2013

  • 2013 USPSA Pro-Am – Limited Division 29th place overall out of 200 shooters, 2nd place B division, 2nd place Junior, Open division 23rd Overall out of 159 shooters, 4th place B division, 1st place Junior

  • 2013 MGM Grand Nationals – 1st place overall and match winner, 1st place Open division, and 1st place Junior. After this match Mike Gibson of MGM asked to sponsor me and I am currently sponsored by MGM Targets.

  • Classified A Open – 8/2013

  • 2013 USPSA Limited National Championships – 48th place overall out of 246 shooters, 1st place Unrated division, 2nd place overall Junior, 1st place stage 19

  • 2013 USPSA Open National Championships – 22nd place overall out of 258 shooters, 1st place A class, 1st place Junior (2013 USPSA Junior National Champion)

  • Classified Master Open – 10/2013

  • Classified A Limited – 10/2013

  • Classified A Production – 10/2013

  • 2013 Baybridge Classic – 1st place overall, 1st place Open division, 1st place Master class

  • Appointed to the IPSC World Shoot Team by John Amidon – USPSA Vice President/USPSA NROI Director/World Shoot Team Manager. – 10/2013

  • 2014 USPSA Florida Open – Finished 15th overall, 1st Open Junior, 2nd Master class

  • Classified Open Grand Master – 03/14

  • 2014 USPSA Area 1 - 11th Overall, High Junior, 2 stage wins

  • 2014 Golden Bullet Championships – 2nd Overall, 1st Junior

  • Classified in a 3 way tie for #1 in the USPSA Open Division – 08/2014

  • 2014 USPSA Nationals – 8th Overall, 2nd Overall Junior, 2 stage wins

  • 2014 IPSC World Shoot – 21st Overall, 2nd Overall Junior, 2 stage wins

  • 2014 Area 2 Desert Classic Championship – 1st Overall (Match winner), 1st Overall Junior, 8 stage wins

  • USPSA Florida Open - 2nd Overall, 1st Junior

  • USPSA Area 2 - 3rd overall, 1st junior
  • Berrys Steel Open - 2nd overall, 1st at junior
  • Utah State Championship - 1st Overall, 1st Junior
  • USPSA Open Nationals - 8th Overall, 1st Junior
  • IPSC Nationals - 2nd Overall, 1st Junior
  • 2016 Area 2 - placed 1st Overall, High Junior
  • 2016 Area 9 - 10th Overall
  • 2016 Mississippi Classic - 2nd Overall, High Junior

I plan on attending the following major USPSA matches in 2015:

  • 2015 Area 6 Championship
  • 2015 Oregon Open
  • 2015 Golden Bullet Championship
  • 2015 Idaho Sectional
  • 2015 USPSA Area 1 Championship
  • 2015 USPSA Pro-Am
  • 2015 Oregon Sectional
  • 2015 USPSA Open Nationals
  • 2015 IPSC Nationals

My current sponsors are:


Limcat Custom

Berry’s Bullets

MGM Targets

Battle Born Ammunition

Pro-Shot Products


Kincaid Ross