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Keychain Original J Bore Light- Neon Green

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Part Number:K-BL-GREEN
Pro-Shot Exclusive- Key Chain Bore Light - 

We designed the Key Chain bore light for a couple simple reasons.  First, you can find your keys and bore light at the range! Second, it attaches to your favorite pistol/rifle case zipper so you always can check your barrel for wear and/or safety purposes.  Many gunsmiths and sales counters keep one of these handy for checking barrels on a regular basis. 

Fast and Easy way to check barrels for cleaning or wear. Insert the short end of the Original J Bore Light into the firearm chamber and watch the fiber optic tool light up your bore for inspection. No batteries needed, our Bore Lights are ready anytime, whether you are at home or in the field!

The Original J Bore Light, No Battery Gun Bore Light!

•  Handy Key Chain Version for fast & easy use

•  Superior & Durable Bore Light 

•  Illuminates Bore Bright Green 

•  NO BATTERIES NEEDED- Illuminates Bore using only Ambient Light

•  Made in America

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