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David Pessall

David Pessall Sr. started out in Jr. High School shooting prone with 22RF on the school team and he’s been hooked on competition ever since. He joined the U.S. ARMY in 1981 and shot various weapons of which I shot Expert every year for his entire 26 years of service. David became interested in short range International Benchrest (IBS) and did very well 2001. In 2002 he was the Rookie of the year for group shooting. David has a world record set in 2002 for small group at 200 meters. This was set while competing at the IBS Nationals at Painted Post, NY. It measured .197” for a 5 shot group with a 6mm PPC cartridge. That record still holds today. He has won several matches during his time with the IBS short range (100, 200, 300 yds./meters).  He left the short range game and moved to long range shooting with the IBS and the Original Pennsylvania 1000 yard club. Cartridges he was shooting, 6-6.5x47 Lapua, a 6mmBr, and currently a 6mm Dasher. David shot long range IBS for 6 years. Currently he shoots NRA F TR class and IBS mid-range/long range. 2015 was his first year competing with the NRA mid-range (600 yds.). David is shooting F TR long range (1000 yds.) starting in 2016. In 2015 he used a 223 Remington for mid-range matches. He has won a few matches and has been second overall in the F TR matches he’s shot in. The rifle being shot now is 308 Winchester which will be able to compete well with the rest of the playing field at 1000 yards. David has shot in many National events where the stress/tension is high. He knows his military background and training has kept emotions under control to shoot the best he can. David is always striving to be a better shooter / hand loader in all the disciplines he compete in.


2019 (July)  ASSA National Smallbore Championship Smallbore F Class,  F-TR Champion. 

2019 (July) ASSA National Smallbore Championship F Class Team Champions (Team Double D's, Doug Boyer and David Pessall)

2019 (June) Mid Atlantic 6400 Smallbore Prone Championship / F Class Championships

  • Smallbore F Class Champion, 6381-526X's

  • New PR:  3200 aggregate 3193-262X's, 1600 aggregate 1598-141X's, 50 yards 400-36X's, and Dewar match 400-37x's

  • All pending new ASSA National Records

2019 (June)  ASSA National Smallbore Championship Overall Grand Champion Smallbore F-Class.    

2018 (July) NRA Smallbore F Class Metric National - Champion

2018 (July) NRA Smallbore F Class National Grand Aggregate - 2nd Place

F-Class Smallbore National Records set by David Pessall at the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Prone Championship in PA

  • 50 Yards - 40 Shots:  400-36x (June 2018)
  • 50 Meters - 40 Shots:  400-34x (June 2018)
  • Dewar Course - 40 Shots:  400-36x (June 2018)
  • 100 Yards - 40 Shots:  400-34x (June 2018)
  • 1600 Aggregate:  1598-126x (June 2018)
  • 3200 Aggregate:  3193-251x (June 2018)
  • 6400 Aggregate: 6385-522x (June 2018)

2018 ASSA Prone Championships in Ohio - Smallbore F Class National ASSA Grand Champion - Gold Medal

2018 ASSA F Class Champion - Smallbore Class

2018 ASSA Team Champin - Smallbore F Class with Teammate Doug Boyer ("Team Double-D's")

2018 Smallbore (22 Rimfire) F- Class match winner 796-54X's, University Rifle Club

2018 Smallbore (22 Rimfire) F- Class match winner 794-59X's, University Rifle Club

2017 PA Remington Open Long Range Regional Championship, Team Match - Gold Medal, Individual Aggregate - Bronze Medal

2017 New Holland, PA, M/R (600 yards) Aggregate, 1st Place

2017 F Class World Championships, Gold Medal - 800 Meter F-TR World Champion

2017 Delaware, M/R State Championship Aggregate, 2nd Place

2017 Camp Butner, NC, NSSC Long Range State Championship, 6th Place

2017 Cabela's Mid-Atlantic Long Range Regional Championship - Team Match, 2nd Place - Individual Aggregate, 6th Place

2016 NRA 3X600 F TR Mid-range Match at New Holland Gun Club

2016 NRA Bridgeville DE Match, 1,000 Yard F-TR Grand Aggregate Winner

2016 Iron Man Match, 1st Place Overall, Matches 1 and 5.  Team Match 1st Place.

2016 F Class Nationals, Silver Medal, 600 Yard Team Match 13

2016 F Class Nationals, Bronze Medal, 1,000 Yard Individual Aggregate Match 1

2016 Delaware State Open Champion, F-TR

2016 Cabela's Mid Atlantic Long Range Championships, 6th Place

2016 American Highpower Rifleman Award, F-Class Mid-Range

2015 NRA 3X600 F TR Mid-range Match at New Holland Gun Club