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Caden Cooke

I was introduced in trap shooting in 2012 and started shooting at my local club in Pennsylvania at the Orangeville Sportsman's Club.  I started out shooting an over and under Charles Daley 12 Gauge for 2 years.

In 2013, I joined ATA and went on to win 3rd place in Sub-Junior for my first event in the state shoot with a 94 in singles.

In 2014, I got a BT-99 which made a huge change in my shooting.  I started shooting 3 days a week at multiple clubs around the area getting prepared for the bigger shoots that summer. At this time I began to take trap shooting as serious as I could and went on to shoot the PA State Shoot, Westey Hogan, and PA Grand, placing almost every time in sub junior.

In 2015, I continued shooting and got multiple 97/100s and a few 98s and began to shoot handicap more serious. By 2016 I'm shooting better than I have ever been. I placed 2nd in C class for the state resident at the Keystone Open with a 189/200, and won junior handicap championship with a 90/100 and 4th overall.  The highest score from over 150 people was a 94 beating many professional shooters that day.

Then another registered shoot came up with a 300 singles marathon and I shot a 280/300 in the clay buster. I am preparing myself for many events this year, including the Pennsylvania State Shoot, the Pennsylvania Grand, and Pennsylvania Wesley Hogan.  I will also be competing in the New York State Shoot , Ohio State Shoot, and the Maine State Shoot. Each year I strive to get better, upgrade to a better gun, and attend more national shooting events around the country.

Orangville Sportsmans Club Meet Shoot, 3rd out of 55

Orangville Gun Club Championship, 1st out of 75