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Brian Boehringer

I started my competitive shooting experience in October of 2012.  At that time, I possessed some general knowledge about competitive shooting.  My earliest experience with guns was at the age of eight, with pellet and BB guns.  I subsequently was introduced to trap and skeet shooting, and although it was fun, was not forte.  Around the age of 15, I began to shoot compound bows for recreation, and at age 16 I enrolled in a hunter’s safety course to engage in the sport of hunting.  From that day forward, I became a hunter and have hunted every since. 

 In March 2004, I enrolled in a CCW class and obtained my license. Living in the country, I was afforded the opportunity to practice shooting recreationally.  I soon realized that my interest and enjoyment in shooting was such that I desired more of a challenge.  I quickly became interested in competitive shooting and read about USPSA to become familiar with how to become more active in this sport.  I was able to locate and attend a local match, and have been hooked ever since.

I am currently a B class shooter and have participated in local, state and national matches, and have worked to enhance my skills through participation in regular matches, becoming certified as an RO, and received one-on-one training with those more experienced in competitive shooting.  In 2015, my daughter, currently age 15, began shooting with me and has attended several matches with me.  My other hobbies include camping, enjoying the outdoors, and designing, fabricating my own steel and wood targets for my backyard range.