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About Us


Firearms Cleaning Accessories is our Passion, Service is our Specialty 

40th Year Anniversary  |  1982-2022

From Tactical to Practical, Pro-Shot is your one source for quality firearms cleaning products.  

In 1982, our founder John E. Damarin, started Pro-Shot Products with one goal, to make quality firearms cleaning accessories that worked faster and easier. He was a very avid marksman, shooting most every shooting genre and event he could find to compete in around Illinois and the Midwest.  From pistol, benchrest rifle, and of course his favorite Shotgun events, I always watched and learned how to shoot with my Father.  

I remember as a young child around the fall of 1981, my father talking about our shooting buddy. He had got a plastic patch holder stuck in the bore of his gun when cleaning his firearm during a match between rounds. Then he told me how he had to heat the gun over the stove to get the patch holder out once he returned home. That’s when he told me, “Son, we can make gun cleaning accessories better than that.” So began my Father and me working on making our first gun cleaning products.  We started in our small one car garage, Pro-Shot was born.

My father always liked to refer to Pro-Shot as the Mom and Pop of gun cleaning. But Dad knew we were always at the front of the industry for innovation, quality, and service. We offered the best products we could manufacture, at a reasonable price for all shooters.

With our many trips to the ranges and shooting events all over the country as a young child, I had already seen that competition shooters thrived on accuracy. To get the desired accuracy, shooters asked for superior quality American made products.

Our family would also manufacture Pro-Shot in our home town of Taylorville Illinois.  The Damarin family commitment to higher quality standards and new ideas have brought about many changes in the firearms care industry. From new quality cleaning products to packaging ideas, the shooting industry has seen many changes made by one family with one goal over the past 30 years!

Our family tradition continues, as does our traditional logo, which represents our commitment and heritage for offering excellent quality and service! 

However, our tradition in innovation and excellence does not stop, as we are constantly updating products and manufacturing new products to keep Pro-Shot to the forefront of the shooting sports industry.

Pro-Shot accessories are offered through an extensive network of retailers in North America and around the globe! From the once a year hunter, to the highly competitive bench rest shooter, we have become one of the most sought after accessory brands when a shooter is just plain and simply looking for the best firearms cleaning equipment available! We are the absolute benchmark for success when it comes to customer service, and have the best fulfillment rate of any company in the industry.   

Competition Shooters, Hunters, Olympic Shooters, Law enforcement, Special Forces, and multiple World Armies depend on Pro-Shot to clean their firearms for flawless operation and accuracy! We provide ourselves on our continued commitment to offer you the best products available for firearms cleaning.

American Made and family owned and operated! Today we continue our family owned company, with Diana and son John and still honor my father with his passing in 2005 by producing limited edition products that he always loved and enjoyed himself.  With the addition of our reactive SplatterShot targets and acquisition of the KleenBore brand, we continue to build more great products.  Over the past few years, we have also added the 4th generation working and contributing to the company.  With their help and same commitment, we will continue our heritage and mission.

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the shooting sports as much as our family and dedicated staff!  We look forward to helping you with all of your quality firearms cleaning needs.

Good Shooting & Great Cleaning! 

John Damarin