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5.56mm/.223 Cal. & 9mm Combo Kit

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Part Number:5.56/9mm-Combo
First 1,000 Kits produced are Pro-Shot 40th Anniversary (1982-2022)
Edition Kits  

AR15 / M4 / M16 -  5.56mm / .223 Cal. Rifle  &  9mm Combination Kit 

Includes everything needed to clean your Tactical MSR/AR rifle (5.56mm/.223 Cal. ) and 9mm Pistol.
Excellent for your range bag or bench! 

Premium Stainless Micro-Polished Gun Cleaning Rod  5 Qty. "6.5 Inch Length"
Full Size Swivel Handle
Brass Patch Holder 
Bore Brushes 
AR Style Chamber Brush
Brass Cleaning Jags
Brass Muzzle Guard
1 Step CLP 1 fl. oz. Needle Oiler
World Famous 100% Cotton Flannel Cleaning Patches
Double Ended Nylon Bristle Gun Brush
Pro-Gold Grease
Silicone Treated Gun Cloth
Cleaning Instructions Booklet
Made in USA 

All Rifle & Pistol Accessories are standard industry #8/32 thread - Shotgun Accessories are standard industry #5/16-27 thread