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5.56mm / .223 Cal. Coyote Tactical Pouch Kit with Pro-Tuff Coated Rods

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Part Number:COY-AR223

Revolutionary Double Coated  Cleaning Rod kit for .223 Cal /5.56mm    


American Made Steel:  Pro-Shot exclusively uses USA made spec. steel for its cleaning rods.  Our steel starts out straight all the way through the manufacturing process.  Our rods are less hard than barrel steel, so you never have to worry.

1st Step Built in Coating Process – Micro Polishing:  With micro polishing Pro-Shot builds the coating into the rod surface itself.  This process is what gives a Pro-Shot rod a mirror-like finish and provides ultimate protection while cleaning. 

2nd Step Revolutionary Coating ensures maximum barrel protection. The smooth and slick coated rod surface is chemical and heat resistant. Revolutionary 2 Step coating process resists pick up and embedding of fouling on rod. The only coated cleaning rod in the world with double coating, giving your barrel maximum protection.  


Coyote Tan Pouch Kit  (AR-15/M4/M16  5.56mm/ .223 Cal.) 

*Master Proven in Extreme Battle & Field Conditions 


• Coyote Tactical Pouch Kit
• 32.5” Working Length Pro-Tuff Coated (PTC) Rod (5 Qty. 6.5” Length Rods)
• MPH – Multi-Purpose ChamberLock Locking Swivel T Handle (Pat. Pending) 
• Brass Core/ Bronze Bristle for 5.56mm/.223 Cal.
• 5.56mm/.223 Cal. Chamber Brush
• 1 Step CLP 1 oz. Needle Oiler Bottle 
• Brass Spear Tip Jag
• Brass Patch Holder
• Double Ended Nylon AP Brush
• 1” Round Cleaning Patches

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