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LockOn® T-1 3/4 Lower Power Optic Sight-In Target 10 Pack

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Part Number:T-1 3/4-10

Why LockOn® Sight-in Targets? 
*Single Point of Aim 
*Designed Specifically for Lower Powered Optics 
Innovative Cutting-Edge Design helps Increase Accuracy
*Any Sight / Any Distance
*Designed by LockOn® Legendary Founder Tom Ervin. Designed & Printed in USA

The LockOn® T-1 3/4 optic sight in target is well suited for lower powered optics, 3x to 9x at 100 yards, and 9x to 24x at 200, out to 300 yards plus at higher powers.

The T-1 3/4 is a 12” by 12” target with 1“ by 1” grid. 10 Pack 

How-To Use:
The visual contrast of the patented design helps the marksman dissect our target into quadrants. The marksman’s focus is on the horizontal and vertical yellow cross that’s bordered by the double red chisel design at the target center axis while being drawn into the center by the four red diagonal wedges. This makes the hand-eye coordination process easier, faster, and more effective.

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