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Taylor Phann

My name is Taylor Jane Phann, I am 15 years and currently reside in the small town of Baxter, Tennessee. I am a freshman honor student taking all advanced and honors classes. But other than focusing on school my main hobby is competitive shooting... I began my shooting career when I was only 10 years old at a local range shooting in a competitive 5 meter BB gun championship. Although this will be my last year before I age out I still compete in the 5 meter BB gun matches, this year I will be going on my 5th year of competitive shooting at these matches. Over the years I have competed at the Daisy National BB gun match 3 times, and attended the state matches multiple times. Throughout the years I have placed in positions and test scores, but never overall until this past competitive year. This past year has been my most accomplished year so far!

At the begining of this year I competed at the TN state prestate match and finished in 3rd place overall! This match was my first time placing overall at a major match, which gave me a huge confindence and motivation boost! After this match I became even more dedicated to the sport and began practicing 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. I was determined to win the state matches! When the 2016 Overall TN 4h BB gun match came around I was more than ready! And with lots of hardwork, dedication, and support I won 1st place overall out of nearly 200 competitors at the state match! But even though I won this match I knew it wasn't over, I still had a major match to go... The 2016 Overall TN state Jaycee BB gun shooting match. I practiced harder than ever before this match, I was ready to win! And when the match finally came around, I walked into the match with lots of hope and hardwork and ended up leaving 1st place overall at this match also! So currently I hold the title of the 2016 overall TN state BB gun shooting champion!

After this match my coaches and team surprised me and told me we were going to nationals in Rogers, Arkansas in July. I was more than ecstatic! The months before nationals I trained harder than I have ever before.... And with lots of hardwork and dedication I finished in 60th place overall in the nation with a score of 470, and only 17 points behind first place. This year has been my best year so far, with lots of hardwork I raised my average score from a 440 to a 470 by the end of the year. I plan to keep training and become even better next year! My main goals for next year are to place higher overall at nationals, make the last competitive BB gun year my best so far, and just have fun! Also next year I am begining my first year of competitive sporter air rifle and competitive .22 shooting! I am very excited and have already begun training for the year to come!