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Ryan Johnson

I started shooting when I was 5 years old and as a young man growing up in Oklahoma, firearms became a very big part of my life. My father was focused on fundamentals and safety and my mother pushed me to be competitive and excel in all aspects of my life. I graduated high school and joined the US Navy where I furthered what knowledge I had. It wasn’t until late in my Naval career that I found out how little I actually knew about shooting. In 2007 I met a man named Jim Jones, the owner of J&L Gunsmithing, who invited me to my first IDPA pistol competition. Needless to say I did not do very well and I’m not sure why, but Jim took me under his wing and began to teach me. I went home that night with a burning desire to do better and become one of the best. Over that year I trained hard and attended as many local club matches as I could. By the end of 2009 I had moved up the ranks a little and was on my way to becoming a Master Class shooter with my EAA Witness pistol. However, that same year I got out of the military and started a new career in law enforcement. I was issued a Glock pistol and was expected to use it to protect others and myself, because of which I put the Witness in the safe and began shooting the Glock. It was like starting all over again. I began training with it and in 2010 I won Division Champion in Stock Service Pistol as an Expert, which earned me the rank of Master. I guess you never stop learning, but it wouldn’t be much fun if it were easy.

In 2014 I started shooting 3 gun. I worked hard trying to learn the sport and get to the top of my game. I finished the year with a ranking of 27th semi-pro shooter in the country, just two spots away from my goal of being invited to attend the 3 Gun Nation pro qualifier match. I did not get discouraged, but instead trained harder.  In my 2015 season I shot as many matches as I could, and now I am ranked 1st on the semi-pro regional leader board. This ranking earned me an invite to the 3 Gun Nation National Championship and pro qualifier match.

My goal is to finish strong at nationals and to get into the 3 Gun Nation Pro Circuit.

Major Matches and Accomplishments:

2007 Tactical Shooting Association Street Gun Nationals, 4th Place Full Size Pistol Division

2008 Maryland State Championship, 5th Place ESP/SS

2008 Virginia Indoor Regional, 1st Place ESP/SS and High Military

2009 Virginia Indoor Regional, 1st Place ESP/EX and High Military

2010 Norfolk County Rifle Range Most 1st Place wins in SSP Division

2010 North Carolina, Blackwater Shoot Out, 1st Place SSP Awarded Master

2011 Maryland State Championship, 3rd Place SSP/MA and High Law Enforcement

2011 North Carolina State Championship, 4th Place SSP/MA

2011 PA Hard as Hellertown II Match, 2nd Place ESP/MA

2013 Virginia Commonwealth Cup, 2nd Place ESP/MA

2013 NC Blackwater Shoot House Shoot Out, 1st Place Master and High Law Enforcement

2014 3GN Southwest Regional Championship 65th Place Practical

2014 3GN Southeast Regional Championship 60th Place Practical

2014 3GN Midwest Regional Championship 60th Place Practical

2014 3GN Western Regional Championship 33rd Place Practical

2014 Versa Max Shotgun Championship 15th Place Practical

2015 3GN Western Regional Championship 30th Place Practical

2015 3GN Southern Regional Championship 27th Place Practical

2015 3GN Eastern Regional Championship 14th Place Practical