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Bore Guides
AR Style Bore Guides

Pro-Shot's AR style bore guides are manufactured using delrin.  Delrin is a chemical resistant material that will stand up to continual use.  The Delrin AR15, AR6.8, and AR10 bore guides are both packaged in a convenient re-usable plastic tube.

Other Delrin Bore Guides

The "Stopper" Bore Guide prevents solvent and fouling from running back into the action.
Adjusts to fit action lengths precisely.

Bore guides should be used when cleaning a Bolt Action Rifle.  Bore guides protect the bore throat and keep cleaning solvent from entering the trigger mechanism.  Our bore guides are made from aircraft grade anodized aluminum.  The bore guide tips and ends are manufactured using the chemical resistant Delrin.  The anodized aluminum sleeve holds the brass pin and will not work loose like other bore guides that use plastic parts.  The following charts list applicable firearms.

Products (Total Items: 7)
AR Style Bore Guide for 5.56mm/.223 Cal. $24.59
AR Style Bore Guide 6.8mm $26.29
AR Style Bore Guide for .308 Cal. - 7.62mm $26.99
Bore Guide for .17 Cal. $28.59
Bore Guide for .22 Centerfire - .30 Cal. Short and Long Action $30.69
Bore Guide for .26 Cal. - .30 Cal. Long Action $28.59
Bore Guide for .303 Cal. - .375 Cal. Short and Long Action $28.59

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